Our 8 Days Travel Package in Turkey

I booked an 8 days tour with Best Turkey Tour. Ismail and Fatima was our agents from the Travel Agency. From the beginning we felt lucky to have them since the communication is very easy, accommodated all our requests and questions. 
The response was prompt and they are very accommodating even as they celebrate Ramadan holidays. Most importantly, the location of the hotel planned was fabulous- the center of the attraction in İstanbul, Kuşadası, and Cappadocia. Lunch provided in Kuşadası potion were all local restaurants. Transportation was very modern and comfortable. Tour Guides are extremely PERFECT! Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia is a must-do activity. And a special note about this: we have met many travelers in Cappadocia whose agents could not find a spot for their customers or canceled the already confirmed reservations. Ismail and Fatima even did this smooth-running for us! I can’t imagine the other travelers, you come from a long way and your Hot Air Balloon ride is canceled because of stupid people and you can’t have this experience! Again, we were very lucky to have Ismail and Fatima!!!
Peace of mind