8 Important Booking Tips 

  1. We try to accommodate all the requests until a day earlier the travel date begins. However, last-minute reservations are not recommended since it can cause you to miss the availabilities, or over prices on the Tour Packages due to the last-minute high supplier prices.
  2. The recommended booking date range is a minimum of 20 – 30 Days ahead the travel begins. So, we can arrange a better travel plan for you. Particularly, during the busy Tourism season in Turkey(May to September), the hotels, domestic flights, or Hot Air Balloons become fully booked fastly. To avoid any miss-out we highly recommend you complete your reservation earlier and do not leave it until the last minute. So, we can hold a room from our centrally located contracted hotels, airline companies, and such other local providers.
  3. Above all, last-minute reservations will cause higher prices than early reservations.
  4. If you have sent a request to us and not responded in 24 hours, please check your spam folder and resend your request. If you still not responded, there may be a problem with e-mail settings. On this case, please contact us by our WhatsApp Support line.
  5. If you have kids under 7 years old, please indicate to us to obtain child prices.
  6. Do not forget to fill the right contact information on the reservation form. So, our team can contact you timely and easily.
  7. Do not forget to indicate your special requests(domestic flights, arrival & departure airports or hotels) at the beginning of your reservation process. So, we may consider managing those if possible. Especially, be aware that there are 2 airports in Istanbul and if you are going to fly out from one of those at the end of your package, you should better inform our team about this at the beginning of your reservation process.
  8. Once you have completed your reservation and received your final documents, do not forget to check your final details on it carefully. And, confirm us if all details are correct. A piece of wrong information may cause serious problems with your travel plan! So, it is very important to check it out carefully!