How to pay for Turkey Travel Package? And, what is the payment process?

To secure the reservations/bookings, we need a 25% to 30% deposit payment. Deposit payments can be paid with a credit card through SSL secured and encrypted platforms. And, the balance payments can be paid AS CASH upon arrival to Turkey, at the beginning of your Turkey Travel!

The prices published online on our web page are in EUR currency. However, this can be converted to USD, Turkish Lira due to the request of the traveler. If you have any difficulty of paying the balance payment IN CASH or wish to pay the balance with your credit card, the VAT will be applied. This additional VAT might be 10% to 15% of the total amount.

Step by step guide of paying for Turkey Travel Package!

After you sent your request, our team will prepare a detailed itinerary and contact you.
In this itinerary, you will see all the details of your package, and would be possible to make changes as per your request.
When all the details became clear to you, we will ask for some personal informations then prepare an online deposit payment link and send it to you.
In the end, you may follow the link and complete your deposit payment (25% to 30%) with your credit card.
Once you have completed your deposit payment, our team will start completing/booking the items included in your tour package! And, you will be ready to pick your travel!
Once you arrived in Turkey, you will be able to pay the balance payment (70% – 75%) IN CASH!