Besides Turkey is an Islamic country and most of the population is Muslim, it is a secular country indeed. It provides to its people a great freedom in all categories of life. Forget about what you have seen on news and televisions about the Islam in Turkey. Once you come to Turkey, you will see crystal white beaches with many ladies and men’s with their bikinis in it, many night clubs, pubs, young people hanging around, etc… People are free to do whatever they wish to do, wear, pray, etc… On this hand, you will not be faced with any measures during your time in Turkey!

Here are some useful tips for your potential travel to Turkey which should be better to follow on some particular places;

  • If you are visiting a mosque; there are some expectations! Legs, arms, and hair are supposed to be covered for women. No need to carry some stuff with you, they all provide scarf and cloth at the entrance of the mosques; free of charge!
  • During the Ramadan period, it is better to not drinking alcoholic drinks in public.

Turkey is a big country with seven geographical regions which have different culture, climate, and architecture. On the Aegean and Mediterranian coast, winters are fresh but not too cold, most of the time rainy, so provide an umbrella or raincoat with you.

In the summer, it is wise to bring along a hat and drink plenty of bottled water, which is sold everywhere.

In inner land, it is quite cold and snowy in wintertime. You will need thich clothes and winter boots. Summers are hot and dry! So, keep your sun creme or hydrating creme with you.

It is wise to have a Turkish lira for your shopping although it is accepted euro or dollar almost all around the country. It is easy to find exchange offices in all around the country!

To have more tips and learn more about Turkey, we highly recommend you to read our blog to everyone!