Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. The population of Istanbul is about 16 to 19 million. Although some people suppose that it is the Capital city of Turkey which is a piece of wrong information(the Capital city of Turkey is Ankara), it is the most important city of Turkey since it is the financial and commercial center! There are thousands of historical, cultural, and traditional visiting areas, museums, or entertainment venues in Istanbul that can appeal to all kinds of travelers! Istanbul or the older name Constantinapolis was the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantium, and it was a Capital of the Ottoman Empire in the past. So, it is pretty easy to see the most important examples of the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantium Era and the Ottoman Empire which reveal the magnificent life, culture, and architecture of that time! To learn more, experience better, and feel the local, we advise you to explore the most eye-catching & important highlights of Istanbul with our Private Guided Istanbul Tours…



The recommended departure time is 08:30 am to beat the crowds in Istanbul. However, you are the boss of the private tours which means you may decide about your own departure time! So, our guide will be ready at the reception of your hotel or the agreed meeting place at the agreed time. Then you will start your Private Guided Istanbul Old-City Walking Tour. During the tour; you will explore the Hagia Sophia Church, the symbol of Christianity that comes from Byzantium time and was used as a Mosque during the Ottoman Time, and converted into a Mosque today. After your Tour Guide pointed you through its history and the meanings & tips about the breathtaking mosaics and frescoes in the Hagia Sophia, you will continue to the Blue Mosque, also called Sultanahmet Camii. This is one of the most symbolic examples of the Mosques that you may explore in Istanbul which was constructed during the Ottoman Times. Then, head to the Topkapi Palace; a residential of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. This will be a great experience for you to see the sections of the Ottoman Sultans’ incredibly magnificent life, and perhaps to closely explore and examine the places you see in the series. In the end, you may explore the Basilica Cistern to see and learn about the aqueducts and water systems that were used centuries ago during Byzantium Time.



This is a private tour operated only for you or your party. We do not recommend Group-Tours in Istanbul since it is a very crowded city and cause timing problems which directly affect the experience of the travelers!

Since it is a Private Tour, you are the boss of your day! You can decide about the departure time, customize the time you spend in the destinations, and most important is no need to wait for any fellow in the group tours that can be lost in those crowded places.

Since all the visiting attractions are located at a very close distance to each other, this is a walking tour that does not include transportation in it.

Your Hotel should be in the Sultanahmet Region to meet your Tour Guide in the Hotel. If you are staying out of the Sultanahmet Region in Istanbul, we may aggree on a particular meeting time & place where you may meet your Tour Guide and start your tour.



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